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Nov 25, 2021

This Thursday, November 25, 2021, in a long-awaited speech, the Minister of Health announced new measures to contain Covid-19 in France. Here’s what to remember.

4:15 PM – What is molnupiravir, this antiviral mentioned by Olivier Véran?

During the press conference, Olivier Véran mentioned that molnupiravir, a drug to be available from early December and an additional weapon in the fight against Covid-19. The Minister of Health and Solidarity has put a lot of hope in this antiviral: “The situation will change. From the beginning of December, a new drug, an antiviral in tablets called molnupiravir can be prescribed. by general practitioners and will be available in pharmacies “, he announced, adding:” We have a lot of hope in this drug, France will be the first European country to benefit its citizens “.

This drug will be distributed to “people at risk who show symptoms of Covid”. It should be prescribed within the first five days after symptoms appear or after a positive test result. Marketed in tablet form, this medication will be swallowed. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has “issued recommendations” for the use, in case of emergency, of this antiviral. And for good reason: according to Olivier Véran, it “can cut in half the cost of being hospitalized”. However, it is not recommended that pregnant women and women not using contraception and at risk of becoming pregnant use it.

For more information about molnupiravir, you can visit our dedicated page.

15:53 ​​- Olivier Véran will be on TF1’s 8 p.m. newscast tonight

The Minister of Health and Solidarity will be the guest of the 8 p.m. news on TF1 this evening, the opportunity for him to come back to his mid-day announcements, concerning the third dose for all adults, the health pass , or even wearing a mask.

13:56 – Véran’s speech has ended, the appointments for vaccination are exploding

The announcements of the Minister of Health have been followed closely. Proof of this is that appointments for vaccination reminders are expanding very significantly: the Doctolib platform has indicated that 350,000 vaccination appointments have been recorded in a few minutes, after the speech of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Health. Minister of National Education.

13:33 – “This is not a vaccination pass”, insisted Véran

The Minister of Health responded to a question from a journalist who considered before him that it was the establishment of a vaccination step. “No, we are not setting up a vaccination pass. There is always the possibility of being tested,” insisted the minister. The PCR test carried out without medical advice is not reimbursed and remains valid for only 24 hours from now on.

13:20 – Olivier Véran gave an update on the arrival of a promising drug

“We have a lot of hope in this drug, molnupiravir,” said Olivier Véran. This treatment should be available from the beginning of December, reserved for people at risk. It will be given under prescription, carried out by town doctors and available in all pharmacies. All about the molnupiravir.

13:12 – The rules at school will change on the closing of classes, announces Blanquer

To deal with the 5th wave, we are going to adjust our protocol. […] 8,500 classes were closed yesterday, against 12,000 at the peak of the epidemic. […] The current protocol in metropolitan France is level 2. In middle and high schools, students will continue their lessons ‘in the presence’. There will no longer be an automatic class closure in the event of a new case, but the organization of tests for all children “The measure comes into force next week. The test is free for all minors and can be done by the parents.

13:08 – Véran announces a hardening on PCR tests

To have a valid health pass without vaccination, you must now have a PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours, from Monday, November 29. It could previously have been 72 hours.

13:03 – The mask imposed in closed and public places

The minister indicates that a decree will very quickly make the mandatory mask in all covered places open to the public, even if their access is also subject to a health pass. Few places are actually concerned since the mask is already compulsory in very many places. “Christmas markets or flea markets” could be affected by the compulsory mask, at the discretion of the prefects.

13:00 – Véran gives a schedule for the 3rd dose and the health pass

“As of January 15, the health pass for all French people between the ages of 18 and 65 who have not had a booster will no longer be active. The people concerned will have 2 months to take their third dose. You will have between the 5th and the 7th month after your second injection to make your booster “

12:58 – Véran opens the door to vaccination for 5-11 year olds

The Minister of Health indicates that the children can be vaccinated, subject to the opinion of medical experts who are due to give an opinion this afternoon. It will intervene, if it receives all the control validations – which is not confirmed at this stage – at the beginning of the year 2022.

12:51 – “The vaccine booster open to all adults”

Olivier Véran takes a moment in his speech to do a little teaching on vaccines: “They provide immunity, the booster allows reactivity immunity, which can become optimal again. […] Health authorities consider this reminder to be useful for all adults. The vaccine booster open to all adults, “confirms the minister.

12:42 – “No confinement or curfew” says Olivier Véran

“We have our fate in our hands […] and we have decided not to proceed with strong restrictive measures such as confinement or curfew, while some neighboring countries have made this choice. We make the choice of the responsibility of the French “.

12:39 – Olivier Véran’s speech begins

The press conference begins, a little late. Follow the speech of the Minister of Health live at the top of this article. The main announcements are reflected in this news feed. As a reminder, an intervention by the Minister of National Education is also planned.

12:35 – The Minister’s speech will begin

Olivier Véran is a little late, but the speech should start shortly. All the journalists are in place, and await the entry of the ministers in the press conference room.

12:18 – Véran’s announcements already taken into account by Doctolib

The announcements of the Minister of Health are apparently known to many people, including the leaders of Doctolib! The platform which allows the French to make an appointment for the anti-Covid vaccination already offers slots for the 3rd dose booster to over 65s but also to people aged 18 or over “from November 27”. Here is what is now very clear concerning the opening of the booster vaccination to all adults, unless there is a huge blunder of Doctolib.


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