Covid, the hypothesis: “Contagion perhaps originated by the Chinese fur industry”

Virologist Christian Drosten, one of Germany’s leading coronavirus experts, speculated that the Covid-19 infection spread through the Chinese fur industry. His hypothesis, he explained to the Swiss online magazine Republik, is not supported by evidence but is based on similarities with Sars, the disease caused by another coronavirus that spread from China between 2002 and 2003. “I don’t have no evidence, except the clearly proven origin of Sars-1, a virus of the same species. Viruses of the same species do the same things and often have the same origin, “Drosten stressed, recalling that in that case” it is proven ” that the intermediary animals were raccoons and civets. And raccoons, the virologist continued, are still widely used in the Chinese fur industry. Wild raccoons are also introduced to farms that may have ingested bats, considered the source of Covid-19. When killed, these animals emit “death screams and roars and in the process emit aerosols. Humans may have become so infected with the virus,” said the virologist, adding that until recently he thought this type of trade had been interrupted.

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