Europa League, Villarreal triumphs on penalties

First historic success for the Spaniards of Villarreal in the Europa League. Unai Emery’s team surprisingly won the final at the Gdansk Stadium in Gdansk, winning 11-10 on penalties against Manchester United after the 1-1 in regulation time, score unchanged even after extra time, in the final in Poland. The match was blocked at 1-1 after 120 minutes due to goals by Gerard Moreno in the 29th minute for the Spaniards and Edinson Cavani in the 55th minute for United. At the decisive discetto the mistake of the United goalkeeper De Gea who gets the penalty saved by Rulli. At 7 ‘the first acute of the match is of English brand with a low shot from outside the area by McTominay that ends on the side. Shortly after a bad accident for Foyth who in a fortuitous clash with Pogba was hit in the nose by a knee. At 15 ‘Villarreal showed up with a volley from Trigueros. It is the ‘red devils’ who play the game, 5 minutes after the diagonal of Shaw who does not find the winning deviation of a teammate in front of goal. twisting does not find the door. Lively finish in Gdansk with chances on both sides. At 29 ‘Villarreal unlocks it on a free-kick: Parejo’s remote-controlled ball in the area for Gerard Moreno who takes time from the defender in marking and with a right-footed bag behind De Gea. Manchester accuses the blow. At the end of a play by Rashford who overtakes the defender and puts her in the center but a defender saves. Shortly after a tense cross by Greenwood, a deflection by a Spanish defender who risks an own goal.Villarreal immediately dangerous at the beginning of the second half, from a percussion on the left a dirty ball in the small area does not find the winning deflection of Bacca and Moreno. At 54 ‘great work by McTominay who controls a difficult ball by finding the deviation in the corner. On the development of the corner, after a ball rebound for Cavani who from the line of the small area exceeds the goalkeeper Rulli. Solskjaer’s team insists, Bruno Fernandes diagonal and ball wide. Change of Emery, Bacca comes out, inside Coquelin. Manchester under pressure in search of the winning goal with the Spaniards who have moved back their center of gravity. In the 70 ‘sensational error by Rashford’s side, the referee, however, had stopped the game for an offside. Shortly after an opportunity for Cavani, a defender deflects the Uruguayan’s aerial shot. Double change for the Spaniards, in Gomez and Alacer for Trigueros and Yeremi Pino. At 79 ‘McTominay’s lunge with Cavani looking for the conclusion with his heel. In the final for the Spaniards Pedraza and Foyth come out, inside Moreno and Gaspar. At 89 ‘United opportunity with Pogba, a high header. In recovery, Pau Torres shot for Villarreal, ball over the crossbar. After 3 ‘of recovery it goes to extra time. At 98’ percussion on the left wing of Moi Gomez who tries the conclusion from a tight angle but does not find the goal. Shortly after shooting from the heart of the Alcacer area, high. Change for Manchester, inside Fred for Greenwood. The first half of regulation ends with the result always blocked at 1-1. Through ball for Alcacer stopped at the entrance to the area by an English defender. Villarreal again with Coquelin wasting from a good position. In the final out for United Bailly for Tuanzebe and Pogba for James. Space also for Mata instead of Bissaka and Telles for McTominay. The Spaniards replace Capoue with Raba. After 3 minutes of injury time the French referee Clement Turpin whistles the end of extra time, the final is decided on penalties. It starts with the Spaniards, from the spot Gerard Moreno displaces De Gea, not even Mata is wrong: 1-1. Raba also displaces the goalkeeper, 2-2 by Telles for United. Alcacer also realizes, Bruno Fernandes does not fail either, 3-3. Moreno leads Villarreal to 4-3, Rashford coldly overtakes Rulli. Last penalty before the outrage, Parejo with a powerful shot also found the goal, a very heavy ball for Cavani but the Uruguayan did not fail: 5-5. It goes on, the sixth Spanish penalty with Gomez scoring. It’s Fred’s turn for United, Rulli senses but doesn’t block, 6 all. Penalty by Raul Albiol, the captain makes no mistake. It’s up to James, network. Seven even. Villarreal again, Coquelin finds the intersection of the poles. Eighth penalty Manchester by Shaw, the goalkeeper touches but does not block. Ninth penalty for the Spaniards, Gaspar makes no mistake. It is the turn of Tuanzebe, goal. Villarreal again, Torres bags. Tenth penalty for United, Lindelof realizes. It is the turn of the goalkeeper Rulli, goal. Now it’s up to De Gea who gets the conclusion saved. Villarreal imposed themselves on penalties 11-10.

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