• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Italian Cup for 40 teams: only for Serie A and B


May 5, 2021

Italian Cup for 40 teams, reserved only for Serie A and Serie B. The new competition formula has been launched to enhance the tournament and immediately create attractive matches for TV: there will be only 40 teams (20 from A and 20 from B), starting next August 15 with 12 Serie A teams immediately on the pitch. According to what Adnkronos learns, this is what was decided by the Serie A League council this afternoon. “The decision of Serie A to exclude Lega Pro teams from the Italian Cup not only violates consolidated rights, but is an expression of an elitist conception of football, unable to have a vision of the system”, says the president of Lega Pro, Francesco Ghirelli . “The Lega Pro Board of Directors is convened on Monday, which will take every initiative to protect the rights of its teams and to safeguard a football culture that is respectful of the most authentic values ​​of sport. Innovation is right, but saving the cohesion of the football system ”.