• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Mafia, Leo Gullotta: “From Condorelli striking gesture against cancer of Sicily”


May 5, 2021

“The gesture of Giuseppe Condorelli and his company that denounces a ‘gangrenous’ fact with regard to Sicily, having forty people arrested, is a fact that cannot fail to make me personally express all my closeness to him and not for mutual working collaboration that we have had for years and years, but as a person, as a friend who has always been in the front row to fight this obscene way of thinking “. These are the words of Leo Gullotta, interviewed by AdnKronos on the ‘king of nougats’, the entrepreneur Giuseppe Condorelli, who, denouncing the ‘pizzo’, had 40 people arrested. The well-known actor from Catania, for years testimonial of the well-known confectionery brand adds “this fact is striking, especially if it happens in Sicily and to a business man, a national and international company such as Condorelli nougats”. “This man therefore – highlights Gullotta AdnKronos – in addition to denouncing by carrying out an extraordinary and exceptional act especially for Sicily, he made the interest of the workers of his company, allowing them to ‘preserve’ the work of these people, not to mention the 30-40 seasonal workers “. For Leo Gullotta “we must be very close to this type of man and people. Giuseppe Condorelli, son of the great Cavaliere Condorelli who built this great company, have been and continue to be not only good people but civilized people”. “And it is useless – warns Gullotta – to continue to ‘pretend’, as regards the citizens who read the press or see the reports on TV, in doing ‘shrug’. The ‘shrug’ you do to your children if you do that all this does not exist, once again “. “Condorelli’s gesture, I repeat, is striking for the meaning it assumes. It is the carcinogenic note – highlights the well-known actor – that we must fight”. “To Sicily, to the fellow citizens of Catania where every now and then we pretend that things they do not exist – says Gullotta – I say that you do badly, very badly because you hurt your children “. “You have to intervene – concludes Leo Gullotta – and stay close to men like Giuseppe Condorelli just as you have been close to men killed by certain ‘gentlemen’, who happened to be leaving from Belpasso, and I am referring to Giuseppe Fava”. (by Francesco Bianco)