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Ventura: “Words pronounced after a tense competition, between Cairo and Immobile there is affection and esteem”


“I think Immobile is sincerely grateful to Torino for what he allowed him to do, and I think Cairo feels affection and esteem for Immobile, then when there is tension at the end of a match like the one last night you can say many things but with a cold mind I don’t think anyone thinks what he said. Cairo loved Ciro and Immobile in turn loved his president and the square in Turin “. So the former grenade and national coach Giampiero Ventura, at Adnkronos, returns to the blow and response at the end of Lazio-Turin between Cairo and Immobile. And on the salvation achieved by the grenade he adds. “Surely the expectation of the club was a quieter championship with different starting ambitions, after all when a year occurs in which you start with different difficulties there is the risk that you will take them to the end. I’m sorry for Benevento but to think that to a club like Torino in Serie B it would have been a loss for the whole movement. “” After 5 years in Turin, I am happy that they made it, which is not important. goals scored with Spezia it was difficult to think of a different game: Toro suffered and had the good fortune that allows him to plan the future with a little more serenity “, concludes Ventura.



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