Commisso against journalists: “Fiorentina bad? Your fault”

“Look, I read a lot of junk.” Rocco Commisso against the press. The Fiorentina president lashed out at the media in an ‘eventful’ conference. “Too much has been said. I hear, I read, a lot of filth,” he said in his press conference at the end of the year before returning to America, given the mathematical salvation of the Viola. “Unworthy things have been written about my team, about my coach. Are you football people? I have been doing this job for 71 years. Fiorentina went badly because of the journalists, you wrote insulting things. You don’t have the courage to to say that what is written is not true. I was called ‘Rocco il Terrone’, ‘The Uncle of America’. I invested a lot more than the Della Valle in two years, they were 17. I have been here for 2 years, give me another 15 years to make comparisons. The results have not arrived, even they have not made them immediately “, continued the purple number one who has increased the dose.” Lies have been written “, he says referring to an alleged encounter with Maurizio Sarri. The Florentine journalists have said a lot. And when that happens, the others have to intervene. It may be that false information has arrived, but the next day an apology had to be made. But it didn’t happen. As I see it, it didn’t happen. i think the order came from others . For wanting to hurt Fiorentina. Mistakes can be made, but you can apologize, with us and for the fans “, added Commisso, ready to show the ‘red card’ to information operators considered ‘incorrect’:” There will be people who will not be able to access to Fiorentina, and to the sports center, which will be private property “.

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