Tokyo 2020, another 19 positives related to the Games

There are nineteen other people who tested positive for Covid within hours of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Three are resident in the Olympic Village. The confirmation came from the organizing committee, which specified that they are three athletes from abroad, now in solitary confinement for 14 days, while the remaining 16 with Olympic accreditation include three members of the contract services and three members of the media. Covid-19 infections continued to put a strain on Olympics participants now in Japan, with total cases rising to 106 as of July 1. The daily count of the organizing committee does not include athletes and members of delegations who tested positive during the days of preparation and training towards the Games. INTENSIFIED SURVEILLANCE – Tokyo 2020 Games officials are stepping up surveillance of foreign Olympic participants in the Japanese capital and other venues, urging them to remain “in sight” of a security guard when they leave their hotel amid concerns for violators of the rules related to covid-19. Anyone arriving in the Japanese capital from overseas for the Games is forced to undergo a 14-day quarantine period as part of the organizers’ measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to this, an activity plan must be completed in which visitors must indicate which Tokyo 2020 venues they intend to go to during their first 14 days in Tokyo. In addition to having to download an app (Ocha) where you can enter information on your health condition, including temperature, which is required in every situation. Covid-19 liaison officers (CLOs) were informed in late June that members of each organization will be able to leave their hotel for 15 minutes each day to get essentials from a nearby convenience store. There have recently been reports of accredited people drinking in bars and restaurants, causing concern among the Japanese public. Masa Takaya, a spokesperson for Tokyo 2020, revealed that organizers have decided to do away with the 15-minute policy, but have warned visitors not to stray too far from their hotels. “There will no longer be the 15 minute rule, but what we want to make sure is that thorough countermeasures are in place. If you need to go out, even for a minute to eat, just tell the security guard at the entrance. to write down your name and room number. “Under the supervision of the attendant, it is possible to enter a minimarket to buy food and return as quickly as possible. There is no clear definition that it should happen within 15 minutes, “Takaya explained. Japan is in a state of emergency due to the increase in covid-19 cases, with Tokyo reporting 1,979 new infections in the past 24 hours, the highest daily count since January 15. The number of confirmed covid-19 infections in Japan among those linked to the Games since July 1 is now 92. Tokyo 2020 officials had previously warned that Japanese audiences would share on social media images and evidence of people credited with the Olympics breaking the rules. Tsuyoshi Iwashita, head of security for Tokyo 2020, admitted that the 15-minute rule was leading to “some misunderstanding”, but reiterated the importance of visitors adhering to the rules. protocols related to covid-19 to avoid facing possible sanctions. “When we identify such violations, we try to identify them as quickly as possible and sometimes we have to deal with rle accordingly, “said Iwashita. “Any identified playbook violation there will be could lead to a suspension of accreditation or a warning. I would like to take this opportunity to ask all people in these Games to abide by the rules.”

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