Inter, here is Interspac: the popular shareholding project is underway

Popular shareholding for Inter, it is serious. The Interspac project is launched, led by Professor Carlo Cottarelli, an illustrious economist and fan of the Italian champions. Inter, after the Scudetto, must deal with the complex financial situation: there is a risk of downsizing the team and ambitions. Here, then, that the fans are ready to do their part. “We want to carry out a great project of popular shareholding. To strengthen Inter with capital provided by us fans, supplemented by resources from institutional investors, in an economically sustainable framework. This is already happening in other glorious clubs, such as Bayern Munich”, says Cottarelli, president of Interspac Srl. The project, among other things, already seems to convince other excellent fans. “Professor, are you there?”, Enrico Mentana asked Professor Massimo Galli yesterday in the episode of Cartabianca. “I am a third generation Nerazzurri fan …”, the response of the infectious disease manager of the Sacco di Milano. How would the project be developed? “We want to work together with the current owners, already informed of the initiative. Our only aim is to support the team we love. We are grateful to president Zhang for having brought Inter back to the top of football – explains Cottarelli -. The first step will be By the end of June we will bring into the company Interspac Srl, chaired by me, a small group of well-known Inter fans, who will buy a small share: sportsmen, musicians, writers, journalists, television presenters. They will help us to make the project known “. “We want to measure how much interest there is in our initiative. We have commissioned Iquii and its Sport Intelligence Unit to conduct an in-depth study on the subject. On Friday 25 June a questionnaire will be put online on social and web channels, and relaunched by media partners. on the popular shareholder structure through which Inter fans will also be able to make their opinion known, informally “, explains the economist.” If, how do you think mo, there will be sufficient interest from all parties involved, including ownership, after defining the technical details of the operation, we will request the necessary authorizations from all relevant bodies and then begin collecting resources from fans and others. This will take several months, although the exact timing will depend on the technical details of the operation “, Cottarelli points out.” In any case, we think that our popular shareholder model is also valid for other Italian football clubs. To discuss it in a structural, long-term vision, at the end of September we will organize a public meeting in Milan, inviting personalities from the world of Italian and international football as well as the members of Interspac. At this point, off we go! Come on Inter! And we hope that other Italian fans want to imitate us ”, concludes the president of Interspac Srl

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