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Two-sided weekend, hot Saturday and Sunday with thunderstorms: here’s where


Jun 2, 2021

The next weekend will be characterized by a two-sided weather: if on Saturday there is the peak of the African heat wave, from Sunday there will be a strong storm phase at least on half of Italy. The team of the website www.iLMeteo.it informs that the African heat wave that will begin on Thursday 3 June will have its peak on Saturday with maximum temperatures up to 33 ° C in the North and up to 31 ° C in the Center-South . From Sunday the weather will change again and with it also the temperatures; in fact, the entry of fresher air of Atlantic origin connected to the arrival of a disturbance, will favor the formation of numerous thunderstorms which in the afternoon will erupt over the Alps, Prealps, central Apennines and areas adjacent to them. Locally, thunderstorms can go as far as flat areas, also accompanied by hailstorms and sudden gusts of wind. Temperatures will undergo a physiological decrease where bad weather will act. This situation of heated instability will further accentuate in the next week, albeit still in a relatively warm climate in all regions. IN DETAIL Wednesday 2. In the north: more unstable on the hills of western Piedmont, sun elsewhere. In the center: rain showers in Sardinia, scattered clouds elsewhere. In the south: a bit unstable in Sicily, sometimes cloudy elsewhere. Thursday 3. In the north: isolated thunderstorms in the Alps, sun and heat elsewhere. In the center: sun and summer heat. South: sunny. Friday 4. In the north: afternoon thunderstorms in the Alps, sunshine and summer weather elsewhere. In the center: sun and summer heat. In the south: good weather, hot on Saturday, heavy thunderstorms on Sunday.