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Rino Gaetano, today the # RinoGaetanoDay2021 for the tribute to the songwriter


Jun 2, 2021

Also this year the Rino Gaetano Day celebrates the brilliant singer-songwriter on the anniversary of his death, 40 years ago, in a terrible road accident, on 2 June 1981, at the age of only 31. Today Salvatore Antonio Gaetano would have been 71 years old and perhaps he could have enjoyed the popularity and total revaluation of his art. The 11th edition of the event, organized by Anna and Alessandro Gaetano, will take place online for the second consecutive year. The # rinogaetanoday2021 will be broadcast in live streaming on the Facebook page “Rino Gaetano Band”, on their YouTube channel and on air on Radio Italia Anni 60 Roma FM 100.5, at around 6:30 pm. significant but inexplicably hidden of the Italian song. Rino was a true inspired poet who contributed magnificently to the story of the world around him and of a country in profound evolution, a painter able to paint in his canvases a society adrift, unable to defend and comfort the weakest and the most marginalized. Sony Music also celebrates the anniversary with “Snapshots and Taboo”, a prestigious collection, created in collaboration with Anna and Alessandro Gaetano, which will be released on 25 June. It is already available in preorder in the quadruple LP black 180 gr in limited numbered edition (with 40 tracks), double LP in colored paste (with 20 tracks) and double CD (with 37 tracks), all enriched by a booklet edited by Paolo Maiorino . The cover was created by Nazario Graziano The tracklist (different for each version) reconstructs a thoughtful musical journey of the most representative songs extracted from the six studio albums published by Rino Gaetano in his short career, but also from the Q-Disc with Riccardo Cocciante and Perigeo, precisely to provide a musical vision as complete as possible of this great artist. The collection is embellished with material taken from tapes that emerged over time, a real “hidden treasure”: the unpublished “Io con lei”, as well as demos never released before and original versions of his songs (which differ here in text or arrangement). They are small snapshots of indescribable beauty, captured like polaroids and immortalized over time, testifying to the unjustly little-considered talent in life and whose great artistic and poetic value has only recently been recognized. Listening to the unpublished repertoire in the box set it is clear that what has been technically lost with the wear of time has been totally compensated by the incredible value of the document itself.