Mottarone, checks on the rope and brakes and then new warranties

On the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, the investigations that will be ordered by the Verbania prosecutor’s office are “aimed at understanding why the cable broke, if the braking system had defects. The answer will shed light on concrete responsibilities”. Thus the chief prosecutor of Verbania Olimpia Bossi investigating the incident. Read also “I still have to clarify with the consultant or technical consultants – he adds – what the procedures for carrying out the investigations will be and only then will I make the warnings because I will do some investigations directly on the site of the disaster, but most of them after the cabin has been removed , an operation that is neither very easy nor very fast “. “I never said that there would be new suspects shortly. I took note of the statements made by the witnesses, I took note of the statements of the investigating judge in the order and I mean that the employees were heard at the same time by the Carabinieri of Stresa therefore we did not elements to feel them as investigated “, he specifies. When the head of service Gabriele Tadini confesses to having tampered with the safety braking system, the hearing is suspended and he is investigated. Therefore the possibility of new suspects “exists in all investigative activities, I did not say that it is a certainty”. The chief prosecutor of Verbania does not feel defeated after the decision of the investigating judge who granted house arrest for Tadini and released the manager of the Luigi Nerini plant and the operating manager Enrico Perocchio. “The accusatory system understood as the legal qualification of the facts not only remains unchanged but is endorsed by the judge, I am referring in particular to the malicious hypothesis of removing the safety devices that has been recognized. This is where we start again. If for the judge there were not enough indices at that time, the three remain under investigation and our search for evidence continues “, concludes the prosecutor.

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