• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Forza Nuova, Castellino and Fiore: “Movimento has not operated for 20 months”


Oct 14, 2021

“We were in the square to protest against the obligation to green pass but not as Forza Nuova militants because the movement has not operated for twenty months”. This is what Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore argued during the interrogation to validate the arrest in front of the investigating judge after the clashes that took place last Saturday in Rome during the no green pass event which also saw the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL. The investigating judge Annalisa Marzano reserved the right to decide. Read also TAORMINA “The ‘negotiation’ between ‘Forza Nuova’ and the Digos to go to the headquarters of the CGIL took place, it is one hundred and fifty percent sure. The interrogation has recently ended, and by now it is a matter of fact full-blown confirmed by all the suspects and, more importantly, the police also had to confirm it “, laughs at Adnkronos the lawyer Carlo Taormina, who in the context of the clashes that took place at the ‘no green pass’ demonstration in Rome defends some of the 12 arrested, including Castellino and Fiore. “The events took place like this – says Taormina -, Castellino and Fiore gave the task of Luigi Aronica, the one most in contact with the police, to ask for authorization for the procession , and among the various hypotheses, including the dangerous one of going to Palazzo Chigi, comes out that of going to Landini at the CGIL, because Landini, after having said no to the green pass, then said yes. Digos in the square, of which today we have also mentioned the name m to which I cannot say publicly, he reported that he would have talked to his superiors, I assume the Police Headquarters, then I don’t know, and that he needed half an hour. And after half an hour of waiting calmly and quietly, the superiors authorize the passage from Piazza del Popolo to the CGIL “. So, adds Taormina,” they not only give the authorization, but they put themselves at the head of the procession, thus blocking the circulation in piazzale Flaminio, they take people to Villa Borghese because the Muro Torto was full of cars, and they go as far as the CGIL. All quiet, all peaceful, all authorized. But when they arrive near the CGIL, they find a line of police and carabinieri. Evidently they had thought about it and those of the police who had given the authorization wanted to retrace their steps, but the headmasters ask to be allowed to pass, and both the police and the carabinieri, two sides that were more facade, without any scuffle and nothing , they make them pass and arrive at the CGIL. This is what emerged today unanimously from the statements of the suspects and written admissions of the Digos “. Finally, Taormina explains:” It is not only the negotiation with the Digos that is ascertained, but also that Castellino and Aronica never joined CGIL, they did not participate to any assault, Fiore did not participate in any assault, he entered the CGIL after the assault was carried out, and with the agreement of the policemen who were already inside, to take some people and bring them out, among them Imperatore, the old man who was also arrested and the other day the court of Rome released “.