Covid Italy, 31.9 million vaccines administered

In Italy “the vaccination campaign began on December 27, 2020. As of May 26, 2021, 31,872,815 of the 35,695,017 vaccine doses delivered so far have been administered: 21,688,857 first doses and 10,183,958 second doses”. This is the budget indicated by the Higher Institute of Health, in the latest bulletin on the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy. Read also In addition, “as of May 26, 92% of over-80s in Italy received at least one dose of vaccine and more than 81% completed their cycle; 19 Regions / Autonomous Provinces have coverage of more than 80% in this group of age “reports the Higher Institute of Health. As for the 70-79 year olds, the report still reads,” about 81% of the population in this age group has received at least one dose of vaccine; 14 Regions / Pa they have coverage for 2 doses of more than 80% for this range, while 7 Regions / Pa have vaccination coverage between 60-79% “.

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