Carabinieri, to the commander general Teo Luzi: the Foedus Italia prize

The ‘Foedus Italia 2021’ Award went to the Commander General of the Carabinieri, general of the Army Corps, “reserved for excellence, to those who among men and women have distinguished themselves in the service of others and for the homeland, demonstrating the highest civic sense and the best face of Italianness “. The award was given to Commander Luzi by the president Foedus, Mario Baccini, and by the vice president, Michele Adinolfi. Foedus has been operating for over twenty years in Italy and abroad and was born as an “alliance, but also interaction, union between culture, business and solidarity, felt as essential and basic elements of a political vision that is based on the fundamental values ​​of the individual and which is profoundly respectful of human rights, pluralism and democracy – explains Mario Baccini -; a political vision ready to take positions for development, protection of natural resources, participation in scientific and technological progress, the fight against every form of poverty “. “The commander general, who, limited to the military tasks of the weapon, depends on the Chief of the Defense Staff, is part of the National Committee of Public Order and Security and of the General Council for the fight against organized crime – observes the Foedus Foundation – In the latter period, the Carabinieri, while continuing to combat the various forms of criminal threats, has worked, without saving energy and through all its articulations, in countering the health emergency, which has conditioned in a significant way the life of our country by providing assistance to the weakest sections of the population, creating centers for the administration of vaccines, favoring the resumption of production activities and ensuring that the precautionary measures and containment of the spread of the virus are respected “. “Furthermore, thanks to the results achieved in combating the illegal exploitation of workers and trafficking in human beings, the War Flag of the Carabinieri was awarded the Gold Medal for Civil Merit”, recalls the Foundation itself. “For these reasons and for all humanity demonstrated in service and assistance, faithful to that ‘Use obeying by keeping silent and silencing die’, the first motto that reminds everyone of the silent movement of those who work with discretion and incisiveness for love of country , which is transformed and comes to life in its highest expression and in the commitment contained in the words: Over the centuries Fedele, the Foedus prize was awarded – concludes the Foundation – by the president Foedus, Mario Baccini, and by the vice president, Michele Adinolfi, the Foedus prize Italy to the commander general of the Carabinieri, General of the Army Corps, Teo Luzi “.

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