Covid today Italy, Ricciardi: “The unvaccinated die”

“Everyone who goes to ICU and dies is unvaccinated.” It is a passage from the intervention of Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Minister of Health, in L’aria che tira. “80% of Italians have no problem getting vaccinated, this allows us to go back to normal and have a strong economy. Then there are 2-3% of diehards, for a variety of reasons, some legitimate. Then there is about 20% of hesitant Italians who are afraid, we need to talk to them “, Ricciardi says on the broadcast of La7. “The country has prepared itself to deal with any sick people, who will all be unvaccinated. As are all those who are dying: all those who go to intensive care and die are unvaccinated. They are mainly people with a series of frailties, the covid becomes deadly, “he adds. “Covid, like influenza, produces the phenomenon of harvesting: without influenza and without covid, these people would have continued to live. With the vaccine, we prevent these people from going to death”, he says again. progressive for a variety of activities. “The best example is Denmark, which introduced the green pass in April. The vaccination campaign has reached 90% of the population, the country today has no restrictions whatsoever: Denmark has reached this goal gradually and we must do the same, with a universal green pass and a vaccination campaign for 90% of the population “, says Ricciardi.” We do not yet have 100% certainty “on the generalized need for a third dose of vaccine for everyone. “We started with the frail, presumably in 2022” the third dose will be progressively expanded. “Every day there is a selection of new variants, some involve the Spike protein and become worrying. At the moment there is no variant that completely bugs the vaccine. The Delta variant for 20-30% produces a mild infection.” , he claims. “From a certain point on we will no longer talk about the third dose but about the booster, because presumably as with the flu we will have to do a booster dose every certain period of time”.

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