Defense, Guerini signs decree for the purchase of 6 P180 aircraft from Piaggio Aerospace

Minister Lorenzo Guerini yesterday signed the inter-ministerial decree for the defense part for the acquisition of 6 P180 aircraft produced by Piaggio Aerospace for the Armed Forces. “The commitment of the Defense and the Government continues, which starting from 2019 have activated a series of initiatives aimed at supporting the company and its wealth of human and technological skills. The company has benefited from measures that have allowed its operational continuity. The amount of the support measures has reached the current value which is over 700 million euros ”, said Minister Guerini on the occasion of the signing of the decree, which took place yesterday at the Ministry of Defense. In particular, the decree, for a value of 171 million euros, authorizes the purchase of 6 P-180 Evo aircraft, the supply of a flight simulator and the extension of the maintenance contract for the Viper engines, which are also used on aircraft. of the Pan, National Aerobatic Team. The deed signed yesterday will allow the finalization of a new contract that is added to the previous ones, worth 540 million euros, started from 2019, relating to the maintenance and supply of components for Viper engines, engines for CH47 helicopters, maintenance of the engines of the A129 Mangusta helicopters and modernization of the P180 fleet of the Armed Forces, thus confirming the concreteness of the Government’s line to favor the company’s operations and the recognition of the know-how and skills developed by Piaggio in the aerospace sector . “As said in Parliament last April, although the business problems do not fall within the competence of the department, the Defense is still aware of and carefully follows the actions taken by the commissioner for the enhancement of the company and the finalization of the process of sale. The new ownership, regardless of the industrial plan it intends to pursue, will be called upon to guarantee the enhancement of the site, its employment level, as well as the maintenance of technical-engineering support for the aircraft and engines of the Defense administration and the full execution of the contracts in be with the latter ”- concluded the Minister.

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