The “ordinary cop” who raps the work of the agents on the street

There is a song that goes like this: “Every day on the street to take insults and keep quiet about every stone, it’s not for the money. It’s okay only if the shooter is not a guard. We are in defense of everyone, but if there think about us who the fuck defends us “. It’s a rap song called “Who’s the cop?” and that is collecting shares on social media, appreciation – many – and criticisms – surprisingly – few. It is sung by an agent of the State Police, an ‘ordinary cop’, as he calls himself, who tells the reality of a job mistreated, denigrated, insulted and belittled by a salary that is often not adequate for the responsibilities it entails. A 26-year-old boy who in the difficult reality of Campania decided to wear a uniform rather than succumb to the flattery of bandits with easy money. A bit like Anonimo Italiano did more than 30 years ago, he sings with his face covered. Not from a silver mask, but from a balaclava behind which, he says to the Adnkronos, “there are me and all my colleagues”. The only concession to the fans is the uniform of the State Police, for the rest there is what affects: the “flow” of the most famous rappers, swear words and denouncing lyrics that rhythmically follow those of the masters of the genre, from Fabri J-Ax fiber. Far from the stereotype of the trapper with faded hair, tattoos, piercings and the gold chain around his neck, he has combined his passion for rap and that of his work, cleaning up the sound recently spoiled by the myth of drugs and brazen life and enriching it with the facts, those of those who fight on the other side of the barricade, without gypsy jewels or diamond teeth. To the Adnkronos who tracked him down he says: “behind my covered face there are all the policemen, the carabinieri who have no voice , those who protect everyone every day, even those ready to point the finger at them at the first opportunity. I love rap, I have been writing music for 13 years and today I denounce the distortions of a world on the contrary. Cocaine, easy money, arrogance and arrogance have always enjoyed greater appeal than a life of rules and respect. There is, I’m a boy too. that other music was also sung, the often much more lively one of the bully who plays the underworld and who follows whirling rhythms for the sake of doing good and guaranteeing safety for everyone. Is it trivial? We risk our lives, we run, we suffer insults and spit. Judged if we react, judged if we don’t act. “Over 1,500 followers on social media, he has already recorded a song for Falcone and Borsellino and one for Willy, the 21-year-old killed in Colleferro a year ago.” My goal is to make people understand who we really are policemen, but also the police in general – he explains – considering the fury that is towards us on the news. Young people need to be informed about what is really going on, beyond the 10-second video broadcast of an agent’s batons in a risky situation. I get lots of private messages from guys encouraging me to move on, appreciating my songs. Surprisingly few, very few negative comments. I am convinced that, although it will not be easy, things can change. If I ever reach the fame of the most famous rappers, many will change their minds about aggressive cops. I say it in music, but what I sing is the reality of our work. The whole one, without cuts and without discounts “. (By Silvia Mancinelli)

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