Covid Italia, Bassetti: “Out of the second wave, now vaccinating 100% fragile”

“Surely from this second wave” of coronavirus “we are practicing out”. Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, tells Adnkronos Salute. “There are now so few admissions to the hospital that in practice the hospitals have to empty the cases taken in charge in the previous months. So we are putting the second wave completely behind us. Now, however – warns Bassetti – everything must be done within October, when we will certainly have new cases because this virus, we have learned, has a seasonal pattern, to get there with the weakest population 100% vaccinated “.” Herd immunity – remembers the infectious specialist – tells us that we must reach 70% of the general population vaccinated. It is okay if we reach 70% of the general population, but we must reach 100% of the groups at risk. In these categories we must campaign to vaccinate them all, we cannot afford to leave out even one . We have to convince them. We have to go back to talking to these people. ” “What I think is a serious lack of the Ministry of Health – says Bassetti – is that a serious information campaign has never been carried out. We have come this far that people have been vaccinated because they have seen what happened in hospitals or for what he read in the newspapers and that’s it. But we have never seen – he maintains – an information campaign carried out by the ministry which, with commercials every evening without interruption, explained the importance of vaccination. So it had to be done, as in the others Countries. We need to talk and explain to these people. If we talk and explain, many are convinced. In the end – he concludes – a hard core “of unvaccinated” may remain but no more than 5% “.

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