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Mayor of Rome, Michetti hypothesis for center-right candidate


Elections for mayor Rome, a hypothesis for the candidacy of the center-right appears. The director of the Administrative Gazette and permanent presence on Radio Radio microphones, Enrico Michetti, could be the new name of the coalition for the next elections in the capital. During the program ‘Radio Radio Lo Sport’, the professor interacted with the listeners of the radio station to answer the questions of the most curious. During the connections, there were also interventions by personalities linked to the world of politics: “His figure is important – said Adriano Palozzi, National coordinator of the organizational sector of ‘Cambiamo’ – He is a civic figure, yes, but a great connoisseur of politics and therefore we are happy that there may be this opportunity. It could be a revolutionary candidacy for this city, an excellent possibility ”. “I have known him for many years, he is a cultured person whom I respect – added Pasquale Ciacciarelli, Regional League Councilor, President of the Lazio Region Culture Commission – To date we need to look beyond the parties, we need to focus on trained people who can administer the Public Thing. He is prepared and capable of managing any task entrusted to him. “” He is the man of the municipalities: he has been following them for over 25 years, dedicating himself to training, information and assistance – added Enrico Diacetti, former secretary general Anci Lazio – I believe that there are few better than him. I think he can be a very good mayor. I tell the Romans to be careful because there are people who present themselves in a splendid way and then instead do not know how to read even a resolution, unlike him. I believe that the professor can do a lot of good for this disastrous city. “” Nobody can say anything about him, especially with respect to his ability and the knowledge he has of the administrative machine, so it would be a guarantee of the proper functioning of the Municipality of Rome – he explained Claudio Fazzone (Regional Coordinator Forza Italia) – He knows how to speed up the bureaucracy that wastes time and it would be a great advantage for the Municipality of Rome to have a person like Professor Michetti ”. “If he were to be the candidate for mayor all Romans and all of us must be happy – added Armando Tondinelli, Mayor of Bracciano – He is there for all to see: the Capitoline administration suffers the problems, he would face them with skill and honesty . We could give back to Rome the dignity it deserves, this is undeniable. “” I hope that when the professor will govern the city, he will be able to convince Roman politics to give a real role to the municipalities that are important for a mayor – explained Paolo Pollak (Ex President of the Municipality of Eur) – He knows the administrative machine and I am sure that the day he takes command, he would immediately drive the car without reading the instruction booklet. I say this because in the past time was wasted and now Rome cannot wait any longer. “” Despite the affection, now I speak on behalf of the small municipalities: every time we have had a problem, it has always been present, it has solved problems. It encompasses competence, seriousness and professionalism “, continued Ljubljana Restaini, coordinator of small municipalities in Lazio of the National Association of Italian Municipalities.” Its presence would re-evaluate the politics of recent years. It would approach the needs of the community; has a sensitivity and professionalism that we hope to see soon in Rome “, said the lawyer Marco De Carolis, mayor for 10 years of the Municipality of Montecompatri.” There are no doubts, (…) speaking of the professor, you can say ‘Let’s try, let’s see what he is able to do’, just put his knowledge into practice – concludes Mario Mattioli, RAI journalist – He is a capable, honest man, with a political culture and a great sense of institutions ”. “One of the few men of culture, who decides to make it available to all – concludes Martufello – He is a professor of all”.



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