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Vaccini Italia, Curcio: “Evaluating obligation”


“The light at the end of the tunnel can be seen, we are recovering our normality, but this virus must always be respected in its drama. Only the gradualness in starting again allows us to understand what we are going towards”. This was stated by Fabrizio Curcio, head of the Civil Protection, in the broadcast ’30 minutes al Massimo ‘(, highlighting that the hypothesis of compulsory vaccination is “an option to be evaluated in the future, given that we should make annual reminders “. “We have 20 million protected people, especially in the categories most at risk. One in three Italians has received the vaccine, indeed the percentage is higher, given that not all segments of the population are vaccinable – explained Curcio -. Then we have a 18-20% who completed the cycle with the double dose, so we are well advanced “. “The premise is that emergencies amplify the problems and that of the relationship between the central state and the territories existed even before the pandemic and not only at the health level – continued Curcio – The differences between the Regions were evidently seen, suffice it. think about computerized vaccination management systems. I do not make rankings, we have excellences and critical issues. But it is necessary to reflect on this type in various sectors, I would say on the country system “. Masks? ” We will see, we need graduality, I think we can follow the example of Great Britain. Beyond the mask, even if in the autumn we will be out of the tunnel, the behavior of the individuals will remain fundamental. “The first and last phone call of the day are for General Figliuolo:” Yes, that’s it, typical for those who live operational activities with commitment and loyalty. We confront each other on a daily basis and the team works. “” I tell the Italians to look to the future with great positivity. We often lose our memory of everything: a year ago we had no vaccines and no knowledge of how this virus moved and spread. Today we have much more awareness and the possibility of returning to a new normal “, concluded Curcio.



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