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Sexual abuse of minor daughters, extradited from Scotland


The State Police of Frosinone, with the coordination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Cassino, following complex and prolonged investigations, arrested a man responsible for sexual violence, repeated over time and aggravated by parental bond, in execution of the mandate of European arrest issued by the GIP of the Court of Cassino. The man arrived yesterday evening at the Fiumicino airport and led by the police of the Cassino PS Commissariat to the Rebibbia Prison The arrest was carried out by the Scottish police last December 23 in collaboration with the SCIP – Service for International Police Cooperation of the Public Security Department, which provided decisive support for the outcome of the operation, also obtained thanks to the exact location of the subject provided by the police of the Cassino Commissariat, who constantly monitored it The horrible events that led to the issue of the measure took place at home and began many years ago on an Italian island, where the man, pastor of an evangelical religious confession, lived with his family The policemen, thanks to the meticulously collected testimonies and to the performance of accurate technical services, were able to reconstruct comp The outlines of the obscure story and the close investigations have made it possible to prove the repeated sexual abuses committed by the father against his daughters, at the time of the minor facts, already starting from the tender age of 4/5 years. revealed a cross-section of daily violence, which lasted until 2019, when one of the daughters, now of age, rebelled, also thanks to the help of another pastor and a psychologist. mother and the other sisters to rebel, being also victims of the same troubled events and totally succubus to the man.The pastor, fearing that a complaint could have been filed against him, had organized to move to the United Kingdom, together with his wife and to the other children, so as to lose their tracks and rebuild a life enjoying anonymity. The young woman, however, learned of the imminent move, has decided to tell what she located to the Judicial Authority, allowing the arrest of the criminal, who in the meantime had managed to leave Italy and settle in a small village not far from Edinburgh. This morning he was definitively extradited to Italy where, having arrived at Fiumicino airport, he found the police of the Cassino PS Commissariat waiting for him and immediately led him to prison.



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