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Security: Esposito from Rome questore to Foggia prefect, ‘the most difficult challenge? Pandemic management ”


” I should make a long list of difficult challenges but undoubtedly the most complicated was facing all the aspects related to the pandemic, the difficulties of the people, the terror we read in our fellow citizens of having to face situations that we did not know how they would turn out. end, this uncertainty brought about by the fact that the pandemic has taken everyone by surprise. And then the economic difficulties, those in which even the application of the law had to undergo a declination that was linked to a sense of humanity, prudence, closeness, solidarity that I think should be a constant ”. The former commissioner of Rome, Carmine Esposito, promoted to prefect and destined for the Province of Foggia, tells the Adnkronos. Esposito, after two years at the helm of San Vitale, does not hide his regret in leaving ” a police station like Rome ”, determined above all by the affection I ” feel for the people with whom I have shared so many battles and satisfactions ”, but not even ” the satisfaction for the recognition received by the administration ”. ” The police – continues Esposito – takes care of others by definition, therefore not understanding or neglecting the problems of others means not dealing with the first of the fundamental tasks of the policeman. Then maybe deal with it for issues that are related to legality but the application of the law would become a poorly understood criterion for those who suffer it, as happened in the case of the pandemic, if there were no understanding of the difficulties that others encounter in maintaining this respect. . This is fitting in the case of the pandemic and is what we have recommended to all police forces. It was precisely this sense of humanity and closeness that we have always shown to our fellow citizens. Of course, the application of the law is not an indispensable element but it takes a just measure ”. ‘There are no difficult territories, no answers to citizens and never surrender’ In Rome, he adds, I carried out ” organizational, operational and participatory work: this is the sense of our closeness to others. The relational aspect comes first of all and I am convinced that from this point of view the police and the commissioner have provided some small contribution. ” In these two years, he underlines, ” we have experienced the reorganization of the police headquarters in full with the creation of districts, which carry out a coordination action on the police stations, the locations of our steering wheel offices, the placement of new police stations, many things that have led to a modernization of the organizational structure that is always the basis of efficiency ”. As for the new challenge facing him, Esposito adds: ” I use to say that there are no difficult territories, there are territorial problems: it is the problems that haunt that territory that make life complicated and difficult. We must not give up but always provide our citizens with a chance to improve social life and legality, which are essential aspects and which are intimately linked to freedom and democracy. Without legality there is no freedom or true democracy. We must commit ourselves so that compliance with the law takes place in a determined and rigorous manner and firmly believe in everything that the legal system requires us to do ”. (By Giorgia Sodaro)



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