Vaccine covid and the buffalo of the magnet that attaches to the arm

“Obviously it’s a hoax. I even thought of proving it scientifically but then I said to myself ‘no, I can’t go that far and stay at home with the magnet attached to my arm'”. So Salvo Di Grazia, doctor and scientific popularizer, comments on the new fake that is going crazy on social media according to which after the anti-Covid vaccination, if a magnet is placed in the exact point of the inoculation it sticks to testify that the vaccine, to according to the thesis, it either contains metals or even more imaginatively, is responsible for a ‘parametric inversion of the chromosome’. “Parametric inversion of the chromosome – Di Grazia explains to Adnkronos Salute – does not mean anything, it is the classic parascientific terminology that in reality has no meaning. Also because – adds the doctor – this possible parametric inversion certainly would not create this effect. is that a chromosome is inverted and therefore the magnet attaches itself. Nor is it due to a possible metal content. If one were to inject pure metal – underlines Di Grazia – immediately afterwards it is not that the magnet is attracted by the arm, absolutely, it would take kilos of iron. It’s absurd. Obviously I have seen guys who joke stick the magnet in the nose, on the chest, everywhere. But in reality it is the magnet that stops on the sweaty body, it is not that it sticks by magnetism. “It is such a banal and obvious hoax – remarks the doctor – that I did not feel I had to give it even a denial because it seemed to offend people’s intelligence. But for the umpteenth time I realize – he underlines – that there is no limit: anyone can say anything and there will always be someone who believes it “. So if it continues to take hold” I will do something a little ironic, satirical to take it apart, perhaps showing not the magnet, but the iron which is attracted by the arm “.

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