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A cartoon to ‘explain’ colonoscopy


“To have a quality colonoscopy you need quality preparation”: these are the words with which Ludovico, the child protagonist of the cartoon, explains to his father how he can best prepare himself for the exam useful for diagnosis and prevention of many intestinal diseases, including colorectal cancer such as colonoscopy. The cartoon is part of the awareness campaign promoted by Alfasigma and developed with the scientific advice of two gastroenterologists from Bologna: Lorenzo Fuccio, professor of Gastroenterology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna and Carlo Fabbri, director of Uoc Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy of the G.Morgagni-L.Pierantoni hospital, Romagna Forlì-Cesena Local Health Authority. “This cartoon was born from the desire to bring people closer to the hospital intended as a place for promoting health and well-being – underlines Fuccio -. This is why the idea of ​​a child leading his father by the hand has come to fruition, explaining with a smile how easy it is to love each other, making prevention with a colonoscopy “. According to the latest data from “The Numbers of Cancer 2020”, the result of the collaboration between Aiom, Airtum, Aiom Foundation, Passi, Passi d’Argento and Siapec-Iap, with 43,702 cases registered in a year, of which 23,400 among men and 20,300 among women, colorectal cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in Italy. But there is good news: in the last 7 years, diagnoses for this type of cancer have decreased by 20%. And this thanks to colorectal screening programs, early diagnosis and increasingly targeted and personalized therapies. In fact, survival 5 years after diagnosis rose to 65% in both sexes. Colonoscopy allows the doctor to explore the internal walls of the colon and to observe, through a probe, any lesions or tumor masses. It is an important prevention tool because it allows not only to diagnose, but if necessary also to instantly remove any polyps which, although benign, are considered pre-cancerous formations, because they can evolve into malignant neoplasm. “Joining the screening campaign is a small investment in intelligence which, with a simple and free test, protects yourself and the people we care about. Colonoscopy today is a well tolerated, painless procedure that allows you to see and remove lesions, called polyps, from which colon cancer develops, ”says Fabbri. “But to identify polyps, a safe and effective bowel preparation must first be done. We know that colonoscopy creates discomfort, but it’s only a few hours, while colon cancer changes it forever. Screening colonoscopy is a journey that takes us to a safe place. Good preparation is the beginning of the journey. Early diagnosis is its end “. In the cartoon, in just 2 and a half minutes, the steps of the approach to the exam are illustrated in a clear, schematic and simple way. Inadequate preparation, in fact, could allow clinically relevant injuries go unnoticed and, consequently, it would make it necessary to repeat the colonoscopy. The three steps of the process to better prepare for the colonoscopy are: diet, preparation and being accompanied. At the first point, the need in the days preceding the examination, to respect a low-fiber diet accompanied by the intake of only clear, non-carbonated and non-alcoholic liquids. The intestinal preparation, on the other hand, takes place in two stages. First, the preparation sachets are dissolved in water, and then the solution must be taken drinking 2 glasses every 15-20 minutes with moments of rest in case of nausea. This step must be completed 2 and a half hours before the exam and between preparation and complete fasting must be observed. As for the third step, it is advisable to be accompanied to the exam because on the return you will not be able to drive due to sedation. Further information is available on the website and it is possible to download a detailed reminder on how to prepare for the exam whether a person has to do it in the morning or has an appointment set for the afternoon. And from tomorrow, May 19, at 6.30 pm a cycle of 5 live shows, one a week, on the Facebook page of the ‘Ti spiego la colon’ campaign will begin, which tell about different aspects relating to colonoscopy: from its importance as a screening tool for prevention colorectal cancer to the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how the exam takes place. The calendar is divided into five meetings: Wednesday 19.05.21 at 18:30: Dr. Carlo Fabbri – Screening for the prevention of colorectal cancer; Wednesday 26.05.21 at 18:30: Prof. Lorenzo Fuccio – How to best prepare for colonoscopy; Thursday 3.06.21 at 18:30: Dr. Carlo Fabbri – How does the colonoscopy take place? Answers to frequently asked questions; Tuesday 8.06.21 at 18:30: Prof. Lorenzo Fuccio – Colonoscopy, an exam to be faced with serenity; Tuesday 15.06.21 at 18.30: Dr. Franco Radaelli – Colonoscopy and the management of pharmacological therapies in progress.



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