Parisi and pasta cooked with gas turned off, the ‘advice’ of the Nobel

Pasta cooked with the gas turned off makes people discuss on social networks. The theme comes to the fore for a post by Professor Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics. Basically, when the water reaches the boiling temperature you can do without gas, almost completely, to complete the work. “The most important thing is to always keep the lid on, the heat is lost a lot by evaporation. After the pasta boils I put the gas to the minimum, minimum, so that it boils very low without consuming gas”, says Parisi. “You can also try to turn off, as suggested by this post, which is not mine but by Alessandro Busiri Vici and which I simply relaunched “, he adds referring to the original text, precisely a post by Alessandro Busiri Vici, who turned the spotlight on the topic, d ‘ topicality given the increase in bills. “Obviously in this way it consumes even less and I think that pasta cooks anyway. After all, pasta cooks well even in the mountains with water boiling at 90 degrees. The lid is essential”, concludes Parisi.