Real anatomy in virtual reality with Anatomage VR

Anatomage VR arrives in Europe, a portable tablet that supports virtual reality (VR, Virtual reality), capable of reproducing, without viewers, starting from real human anatomy data, 3D images in color. Students can thus interact with highly accurate, interactive and dynamic medical content on a stereoscopic screen and overcome the difficulties inherent in traditional teaching methods. This was announced in a note by Anatomage Inc, market leader in the virtualization of medical technology. The Anatomage VR, which becomes part of the Anatomage ecosystem, increases the involvement of students and specialists during the learning process because complex anatomical structures can be analyzed through 3D visualizations projected in space, for a better and more effective understanding of the relations between organs and systems. With just one touch – the tablet is touchscreen – it is possible to switch from standard 2D viewing to 3D holographic projections giving users the ability to explore the contents of the device and examine the organs, apparatuses and systems of the human body by simply touching the screen. Anatomage has been known for more than 10 years for offering the most detailed, accurate and interactive human anatomy with the Anatomage Table. Now, with Anatomage VR, professors have an alternative and convenient solution to access real anatomical data with the Anatomage Table and view them in 3D. The tablet – explains the company – has two digitized human bodies, reconstructed from real corpses, carefully segmented, one male and one female, which allow to understand in a simple way the various concepts of anatomy. In addition, users have the opportunity to learn how clinical data are comprehensively interpreted by exploring an extensive library of real cases consisting of CT scans and MRIs of patients for a better understanding of the physiological conditions of common diseases, trauma, and even extremely rare diseases. Furthermore, the possibility of importing, viewing and examining their Dicom files also makes Anatomage VR the ideal portable tool for doctors and specialists who need to have the clinical data of their patients available. An immediate and understandable 3D reproduction of the anatomy of the latter, together with the possible reference to the anatomy provided by the two real bodies present in the device, also help the graduate students to better inform patients and obtain their approval for the execution of the procedures. necessary. Designed to accompany courses in medical and nursing sciences and healthcare professions, the Anatomage VR allows you to live an experience that complements the learning solution provided by the Anatomage Table in an exceptional way, creating different laboratory activities and collaborative sessions, in so that students learn anatomy together, comparing and testing their knowledge. Thanks to the opportunity to access the data from anywhere, students can review the contents covered by the teacher during the lesson and learn in turn.The introduction of virtual reality (VR) in anatomy has long been demanded. “I am now honored to be able to fulfill this request. With the launch of the new Anatomage VR, our customers can share the thrill of 3D virtual reality with their students. I am confident that the rich content we offer is highly educational and I believe that interactive virtual reality will provide a memorable experience for students in healthcare professions, ”said Jack Choi, Anatomage executive officer Cief.