Boerci (BrianzAcque): “Free 0 km water at the Monza racetrack”

“On the occasion of the centenary of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, we signed an agreement with the latter for the installation of a system of free and 0 km water dispensers, which will make it possible to eliminate single-use plastic bottles and offer the public high-quality water. quality, still or sparkling, at room temperature or chilled “. This was stated by the president and CEO of BrianzAcque, Enrico Boerci, on the sidelines of the conference to present the collaboration project between the utility that manages the integrated water service in the province of Monza Brianza and the Temple of Speed ​​in Monza. “The water houses and the distributors, however, represent only one of the two pillars on which the agreement is based. The second – continued Boerci – provides for the identification of a place, within the Autodrome, where the future well field will be built, which will be able to feed the Monza Park network but also that of the Municipality of Monza and neighboring municipalities “.” The claim that accompanies our collaboration with the Municipality and with the Autodrome – concluded Boerci – is ‘Brianza flowing, Brianza running’ which perfectly represents both our water and our ideas, who run to keep up with the times, in the name of innovation and sustainability “.