Mottarone tragedy, Supreme Court cancels decision Review on home arrest

The Court of Cassation annulled the provision by which the appeal of the Verbania prosecutor’s office was accepted last October and ordered house arrest for Luigi Nerini and Enrico Perocchio, two of the under investigation for the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car in which 14 people died. The reasons of the Supreme Court, according to what is learned from judicial sources, will be disclosed in 30 days. “The accusatory framework holds. Pending the motivations of the Supreme Court, we must distinguish the two positions”, Olimpia Bossi, Verbania’s prosecutor, who for almost a year has coordinated the investigation into the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, told Adnkronos. “As regards Enrico Perocchio, the Supreme Court, postponing only the re-evaluation of the type of precautionary measure to be applied, has in fact confirmed the circumstantial framework, and has given a positive result to our approach. As regards Nerini, we are facing a cancellation with postponement, also in this case the circumstantial framework holds otherwise there would have been an annulment without postponement “. Almost a year after the tragedy in which 14 people lost their lives more than the precautionary requirements against the suspects, attention is focused on the outcome of the reports, which are expected to be filed on 30 June next. “Soon – concludes the prosecutor – we have a bad anniversary. We hope that the timing of the appraisals is respected”.