Health, from Artemisia Lab in May free blood check up for mothers

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, for the month of May, the Laboratories of the Artemisia Lab Network offer free of charge to mothers (fertile girls, in gestation and breastfeeding, in menopause and post menopause) who have contracted Covid-19, have been vaccinated with first, second or third dose in March 2022 or not vaccinated and newborns (born from March 2022) have a blood check-up, by means of a venous sample, to evaluate the anti-Covid immunoglobulin values. “The Artemisia Lab Network, always at the forefront for the protection of citizens’ health, especially during the pandemic emergency, with this service provides its own biologist professionals coordinated by Dr. Schipani and its equipment to also offer its own support to University Research Centers who want to be part of it, to Pediatricians and Gynecology departments for the start of a scientific collaboration for the evaluation and study of Sars-Cov-2, in relation to the immune response Anti covid-19 – he explains Mariastella Giorlandino, sole administrator of the Artemisia Lab Networks – This collaboration could provide interesting data, in light of the little scientific literature on this topic, to understand how the hormonal situation can affect the immune system and above all give encouraging results on newborns, for whom the vaccine is not inoculated “.