Super hot but also violent storms, here’s where: what awaits us at the weekend

“It will be from Friday that the African anticyclone from the scorching Sahara desert will also begin to spread over Italy”. This is what the experts of the site underline, explaining that “at least five days will begin characterized by an escalation of temperatures”. The team of the site warns that “at least until Monday 26 July the thermal values ​​will continue to rise inexorably in the Center-South and Northeast. Just think that over the weekend Rome, Florence and Bologna will reach peaks of 36 ° C, 37 ° C in Puglia and even peaks of 42 ° C in Sardinia as in Oristano and Sanluri. But there will be a part of Italy that will have to deal with different air, namely the one arriving from the Atlantic, fresh at high altitudes and which will begin to create many problems for the anticyclonic shield. As early as Saturday, in fact, the Northwest regions, initially the Alpine sectors, will see strong thunderstorms break out in the afternoon, while on Sunday thunder, lightning and hail could also reach the areas flat lands, hitting cities such as Turin, Alessandria, Como, Milan and Bergamo “. IN DETAIL Thursday 22. In the north: a bit unstable in the morning, even in the plains, then on the hills of the Triveneto and the Emilian Apennines. In the center: some storms over the Apennines. In the south: sunny. Friday 23. In the north: some afternoon thunderstorms in the Triveneto Alps, sun elsewhere. In the center: sun and intense heat at times. In the south: largely sunny. Saturday 24th. In the north: thunderstorms over the Alps, sunshine elsewhere. In the center: all sun and heat. In the south: prevailing sun. Sunday with thunderstorms possible also in the plains, especially in the Northwest, great heat elsewhere.

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