State of emergency, Green pass and Yellow Zone rules: what the government will decide

The extension of the state of emergency until 31 December, new parameters and criteria for the possible passage in the yellow zone and in general for the assignment of colors with related more restrictive rules. Together with the Green pass, the release with a dose and the obligation in some public places, these are the nodes that the government will address in the next Council of Ministers as coronavirus infections continue to grow. But the CDM, as well as the control room with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, could slip from today to tomorrow. Read also State of emergency The government, according to what is known, is considering extending the state of emergency for the pandemic – expiring on July 31 – even until the end of the year. The assessment would be linked on the one hand to the epidemiological situation and the resurgence of the virus, on the other to the autumn election. Evaluations are underway in these hours, even if the final decision will be taken from the control room. Yellow zone and new parameters for ‘colors’ The government will also address the issue of new parameters for the assignment of ‘colors’ to the Regions, a a need also linked to the fact that – given the recovering epidemiological curve – many would end up in the yellow zone in close proximity. So stop a system fundamentally based on infections and incidence, pay attention to hospitalization rates and the occupancy of beds in intensive care. Green pass As for the criteria for the use of the Green pass within the Italian borders, the issue of the certificate green should also be kept for a single dose, with the urgent invitation to speed up the second with some steps in terms of timing. There is an open discussion – also explain government sources – on the categories and places, for example bars and restaurants, where to allow access even with a single dose of vaccine, without completing the entire vaccination cycle. the new coronavirus infections in Italy today, Tuesday 20 July 2021, according to the data – region by region – of the Civil Protection bulletin. Since yesterday, another 10 deaths have been recorded, bringing the total number of victims to 127,884 since the beginning of the emergency linked to covid-19. In the last 24 hours 218,705 swabs were performed, the positivity index is 1.6%. There are 165 patients in intensive care, 3 more than yesterday, with 11 admissions in the last 24 hours. Patients with symptoms are 1,194 (+6). Cts “Nobody wants to close anything, especially at a time like summer. But the recovery of the epidemic curve must also be managed: there are evaluations to be made”. Thus the coordinator of the CTS, Professor Franco Locatelli. “The technical-scientific committee can provide data and advice, but it is up to politics” to make decisions, says Locatelli, also highlighting “an important openness to reflection with respect to the green pass model. If we look at the evolution of the recovery of infections, now we can consider the impact on hospital services. But we must think about doing something in the face of the resumption of viral circulation: we have almost 5 million compatriots over 50 years of age who have not received a single dose of vaccine. 13% have not had a single dose of vaccine and a person of this age has a 1 in 10 chance of losing their life if they become infected. Coercive measure? I would talk about incentive measures: if I can have access to cinemas, swimming pools, indoor restaurants … Are we so sure that the green pass would not increase the number of patrons in restaurants? “Are the yellow areas back?” If the numbers grow very markedly and there will be an impact to health services, there will be a reshaping of risk profiles. It is one of the reflection points ”, he says, referring to the definition of the thresholds that separate the white zone from the yellow zone. “It is a decision to be taken after careful consideration, it is clear that no one wants to close anything in particular at a time like summer. But the recovery of the epidemic curve must also be managed: there are assessments to be made. “The hypotheses of the Regions The Regions for their part, continuing their discussions with the government, are working on a” precise definition of the proposals. “For Massimiliano Fedriga, president of the Conference of the Regions and governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Green pass is “to exploit it well and to the maximum, thus allowing to open what would otherwise be closed. I think of big events, of discos. It is also useful if a territory changes color, if it should go for example to orange where some activities are closed, they should be open for those with the Green pass. It does not serve to return to the situation of last year, but to give more opportunities because today we have a new weapon called the vaccine. “Then, regarding the hypothesis of establishing the yellow zone with 5% of intensive care units occupied, Fedriga replied : “The conference of the Regions today ruled out a hypothesis of such low percentages of employment. It would be unjustifiable to close the country with empty hospitals. We must pay the utmost attention to how the disease evolves, especially hospitalizations because if we trust the vaccine, as I trust a lot, in perspective the problem is not if one becomes infected but if the disease worsens and requires hospital care. This is due to the drama that is created for all the other pathologies that do not find the necessary hospital response as the hospitals are saturated “.

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