• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Covid Italia vaccines, three million doses arriving this week


May 12, 2021

2.1 million Pfizer, 390,000 from Moderna, 360,000 from Vaxzevria and 170,000 from Janssen Overall, about 3 million doses of the anti-covid vaccine will arrive by the end of this week. This was announced by the office of the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency. Read also This morning the distribution of approximately 2.1 million doses of Pfizer vaccine began. Deliveries to the structures designated to the Regions will end today. Tomorrow, May 13, more than 170,000 doses of Janssen are expected to arrive at the national defense vaccines hub, where approximately 360,000 doses of Vaxzevria and over 390,000 of Moderna will also arrive by the end of this week.