• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Ex Ilva, appeal Massimo Wertmuller: “Tomorrow everyone in the square, let’s not leave Taranto alone”


May 12, 2021

“I ask you to participate in large numbers in this sit-in because this, which at the moment is a battle only for Taranto, the Taranto people, their city, their children who want to continue living, becomes a general battle: that of private interest against the interest in public health, which belongs to all of us “. Thus in a video at Adnkronos the actor Massimo Wertmuller who, together with his wife Anna Fernuzzo, actress, appeals to the Italians. Tomorrow May 13, in fact, the Council of State will express its opinion on the closure of the Ilva hot area, ruling on the appeal of Arcelor Mittal against a sentence of the TAR of Lecce on the need for closure, on the basis of an order of the mayor of Taranto issued to protect the health of citizens. From today, and for all of tomorrow, awaiting the sentence, there is a permanent sit-in of a delegation of the city in Rome in front of Montecitorio. Among the well-known personalities who are spending on the affair also the writer Erri De Luca.