Covid vaccine, unvaccinated doctors “are 0.2% of the total”

Doctors who have not vaccinated themselves against the coronavirus, despite having to comply with the obligation relating to the covid vaccine for health professionals imposed by the law, are “0.2% of the total or perhaps even less”. Taking stock with Adnkronos Salute is the president of Fnomceo, the National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo Anelli. “The novelty of the last period are the appeals that are being organized precisely against the obligation of the anti-Covid vaccine, something that we all expected – underlines Anelli – According to the data of the Prime Minister, 45 thousand health workers have filed an appeal out of a total of 2 million, and this number contains everything: not only the health professions, but also, for example, the socio-health workers. The doctors who have resorted are very few “, he specifies . “We have individual cases in Lombardy, Liguria, Puglia, for example”. The vaccination obligation for these professionals will expire on December 31 if there is no renewal. A reason, for the ‘crafty’, to appeal and thus lengthen the time of mandatory immunization that is verified by the ASL, and in case of refusal the disciplinary procedure is initiated which then comes to the examination also of the Order of belonging which President Anelli often associates the figure of the doctor who does not believe in vaccines with that of the engineer who does not believe in mathematics, a simile that gives a good idea. “There is no prejudice towards these people – he points out – It is right to respect the individual sensitivities also guaranteed by the Constitution, but here we are within the scope of a requirement to practice the profession of doctor, as also established by the Supreme Court. the constitutional dictate is respected by the law that obliges the anti-Covid vaccine: those who work in close contact with patients must be vaccinated for their safety and for their personal safety, otherwise they will not work “. On the possibility of extending the obligation of the anti-vaccine -Covid for health workers also in 2022, but Anelli slows down. “Let’s wait to see how the epidemic goes,” he says. But it does so by broadening the reflection also on how two tools are being used, the vaccine and the Green pass. “It seems to me that the discussion on the Green pass seems to almost exhaust all the problems, but it is not so – warns the president of Fnomceo – L the trend of the Delta variant demonstrates that the prevention measures, the mask and the spacing, remain fundamental and it should be remembered that all commercial establishments that involve the public must respect the prevention of biological risk which imposes measures that should not be abandoned or waived, on the contrary, they must be fully respected “. On what the autonum will be like with the Delta mutant galloping, Anelli tries to trace a possible scenario. “There will be an increase in infections linked to the Delta and to the fact that there are still many unvaccinated citizens or those who have only taken a dose – he highlights – The real problem will be schools, because there are few immunized children. That’s why I insist on measures we already know and which must not be reduced. Now we are exploiting the effect of summer and more outdoor living, but then autumn and winter will come “.

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