Montante attacks Morra: “He wants to intimidate the Court”

“They killed me, even physically, they humiliated me, I even thought about suicide but I didn’t do it, because I want to have faith in this Court”. Antonello Montante bursts into tears as he says it. The former President of the Industrialists, in the third hearing dedicated to his interrogation requested by the defense, speaks for over three hours. The hearing was held yesterday but it was behind closed doors, now the Adnkronos is able to reveal all the interrogation. Montante reiterates several times that he “never made dossiers” and “rather, that he suffered them” and that there would be “a precise design” against him. He says he is convinced that “everyone, even the journalists, would like me to accuse the magistrates, but I won’t. Not even the prosecutors who carried out the investigation”. And he announces that he is “ready to draw out some papers” to unmask “the wolves in sheep’s clothing”. The presence of the President of the Anti-Mafia Commission Nicola Morra did not take well yesterday at the bunker of the Malaspina in Caltanissetta. And today, in a note, released by his lawyer Giuseppe Panepinto, he says: “The disturbing presence of the President of the Anti-Mafia Commission Morra, who wanders in the corridors of the Bunker Hall, giving interviews and launching anathemas, is a clear attempt to intimidate the Court that will have to judge Montante in the appeal judgment “. For the former anti-mafia champion, the presence of Morra “is an inexplicable and unjustifiable invasion of the field by an institutional body, which rather than assuming the role of impartial referee, in the offices of its own competence, assumes the role of twelfth man on the field . Morra is not new to undue utterances. Already in the imminence of the first degree council chamber he had publicly manifested premonitory judgments of summary condemnation, expressed in press articles “. Morra, joined by Adnkronos, prefers not to reply. And he is also angry with the Quaestor Emanuele Ricifari: “It is equally surprising that the Quaestor of Caltanissetta, who should maintain an institutional demeanor, abandons himself and shares the football-style expressions of biased and biased journalists on social media. Corte will not be intimidated. ” Even the other lawyer, Carlo Taormina, spares no criticism of Morra: “Any intimidating intentions that were cultivated by Mr Morra with his highly mediatized intervention and with his evaluations, would be rejected to the sender, even if it is not possible not to highlight a attitude of the parliamentarian not exactly in line with his institutional position of impartiality “, says Taormina. And he reiterates Montante’s readiness “to be heard in the Anti-Mafia Commission, as his desire is to re-establish a truth that occult forces and pieces of the returning mafia have mystified to the point of being improbable represented by the legal matter”. ‘It was not a secret room but the room of legality, it hadn’t been closed for years’ During yesterday’s hearing, Montante, answering questions from his lawyers, said: “I have never made dossiers. I have never used any information, no collection of papers or articles against anyone. On the contrary, I suffered them “. Then he went back to talking about the ‘room of legality’, a ” secret ” room, found during the searches, behind a bookshop, in the villa of the president of Confindustria, in Serradifalco, near Caltanissetta. ‘Hundreds of files that have been confiscated. But not all of them, because just yesterday Montante showed the President of the Court of Appeal Andreina Occhipinti some folders containing articles and other sheets. “It was a space of 1.50 meters by 1.50 meters, the room of legality – he says – when people close to me arrived, like Alfonso Cicero” the former friend and today one of the greatest accusers, “they themselves went to put the booklet in the room “. And he adds: “That room could not be closed. There was a metal door, an armored door, but it had been defective for 14 years and it took a lot of money to remove it. Then there was a piece of furniture, a small bookcase. leave the iron shelves open and there was a bookcase without bolts “. “There were only papers – he continues – Often I didn’t even read them. I didn’t read all of Cicero’s files. They were written in his own hand. I show him only one”. And he shows the President of the Court of Appeal Andreina Occhipinti a folder containing names. “Cicero wrote me a file in his own hand, had this fixed all the names, then selected them by region by province. Could I ever read them? I put them in the room. I put my hands in my hair when I saw them”. Speaking of the repentant Salvatore Di Francesco, mafioso from Serradifalco, Montante’s town of origin, he says: “I spoke of Di Francesco but also of Vincenzo Arnone even then. After every anti-mafia operation, I would come to this building. We said it was convenient to stay on the side of legality And now I find myself in check while for Marco Venturi, who hired Arnone, because he was his trusted person, everything is fine. Imagine if I had done Arnone a favor, they would have lynched me, starting with the journalists ” . Vincenzo Arnone is the son of the alleged boss Paolino, who committed suicide in prison in 1992. Arnone, believed to be a member of the Nissen mafia family, is a childhood friend of Montante. And the father Paolino, even if the accusation would have been the son Vincenzo, was Montante’s wedding witness, in 1980, when the accused was 17 years old. ” I am in possession of documents to say who were the wolves disguised as agnelli ‘Again he says he is in possession of some documents that could be “interesting”. “I could pull out a lot of documents, if only I had been called by the Prosecutor of Caltanissetta. I was ready to contribute to the search for the truth, to tell who were the wolves in sheep’s clothing”. And speaking of the vice president of the Sicilian Region, Gaetano Armao, for whom he would have asked for unauthorized computer access, he says: “I have never asked for illegal access for Gaetano Armao, because I had nothing to ask. Even if it is charged to me. We were on good terms, he got along well with me, I knew him well and I had absolutely nothing to ask. He did not get along with Alfonso Cicero, because according to him Armao hindered the appointment of Cicero. But he did so in the right places “. Montante again shows a white folder to the Court. “It is in the name of Irsap – he says – Cicero (former president Irsap ed) delivered them to me and inside there are his notes, there are newspaper articles or notes. The collection of everything that happened to Armao, and he delivered them. Believe me, even though I know it’s not easy to believe me. There are a lot of folders that weren’t confiscated. ” ‘I’m not here to accuse someone, I have so many things to say but I don’t’ During the interrogation, Montante reiterates several times: “I am not here to accuse someone, because I would have so many things to say about these people, but not I am here for this. We are in a courtroom and I have respect. I will just say the documented facts. ” “I am not afraid of complaints – he says – this Court will have, document after document, what I am about to say. I hope there are as many complaints as possible so I can clarify everything”, referring to the complaints announced by some people, including Alfonso Cicero, one of his greatest accusers. And on the former regional councilor Nicolò Marino and magistrate he says: “I never asked for information on Dr. Marino. The only information I asked concerned the number plate of his Ferrari, at the request of my deputy Giuseppe Catanzaro”. “One day Catanzaro came to my house, my deputy – he says – who had been at odds with Marino for years. The information was then conveyed directly to Catanzaro”. magistrates “. “I have known 61 – he says – and if today I spoke badly of all the 61 magistrates I met it would not be fair. I have always been called by the police, I have never proposed my own business, I have always been called” . And he speaks of “a design against me” that “distorted the truth”. “I have nothing to tell about magistrates, not even about who carried out the investigations. There has been a precise design”. The trial was postponed to next Tuesday, July 13, to continue on July 14. To continue listening to the statements of Antonello Montante.

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