Luana died at work, “we’ll tell her son he’s a star”

“She was sweet, beautiful, good, cheerful, humble”. These are the touching words of Emma Marrazzo in remembering her daughter Luana D’Orazio, the 22-year-old from Pistoia who died in an accident at work in a textile company in Montemurlo in the province of Prato. “She was happy with the job she did, she liked working. She really wanted to work to build a future because she had been engaged for two years”. “Now I want justice,” added the mother, speaking to reporters in front of her home. “Our first thought now is for Luana’s child, 5 and a half years old, single mother, who loved life so much. We will not miss anything, but he will certainly miss the essential, the love of his beautiful and talented woman. mom. We’ll tell him she flew to the sky and now she’s a star. ”