• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

The kiss to Snow White? “It is not consensual”


May 4, 2021

Prince Charming’s kiss to Snow White? It is not consensual. To raise the case, with a provocation, is the San Francisco Gate. The Californian newspaper addresses the issue in an article that takes its cue from the novelty at Disneyland and in particular in the park in Anaheim, California, which has recently reopened after a 400-day lockdown. The new attraction linked to Snow White’s fairy tale, Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, debuted replacing the ‘ancestor’ Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Special effects, emotions, lights and sounds make the experience unforgettable. There is a ‘but’. The ending, of course, is represented by the kiss with which Prince Charming wakes Snow White from the spell of the evil queen. “The kiss of true love”, reads the article, is given to her “without her consent, while she sleeps” and “one cannot speak of true love if someone does not know what is happening. We have not already established that consent Is it a relevant theme in early Disney films? What to teach children that kissing is not okay if both people disagree? “. For the two authors of the article “it is difficult to understand why Disneyland in 2021 chose to add a scene with such an antiquated idea of ​​what a man can do to a woman”. One could, they write, think of an alternative ending. The current one is “a fairy tale with a happy ending but not a life lesson”.