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Vaccini Lazio, from 17 May to start bookings from GPs


In Lazio it will be possible to book the anti-Covid vaccine also from the family doctor where, in addition to fragile patients, even people over 40 years old can be vaccinated, but only with AstraZeneca and J&J, otherwise they will have to wait for the vaccination to open to their age range. The news of the vaccination campaign in the offices of general practitioners were agreed yesterday between the representatives of the Lazio Region and the delegations of the Fimmg, the Federation of family doctors of Lazio, composed of the Regional Secretary Gianni Cirilli and the Deputy National Secretary Fimmg Pier Luigi Bartoletti. “In the face of these commitments, the Fimmg regional management has temporarily suspended, but not revoked, the state of agitation, pending verification of compliance with the commitments undertaken, otherwise the protest will resume”, reads a note from the Fimmg Lazio. During the meeting, the various problems of the vaccination campaign in the offices of family doctors were addressed, “already reported in recent days, together with the state of agitation that had been announced on Saturday”, reads the note. “There are two main points: the first is the citizen’s right to choose where and by whom to get vaccinated, the second to allow the family doctor to do his job with dignity, and to the best of his ability, without difficulties or hitches “, explains Fimmg Lazio. The first novelty arising from the comparison is the inclusion of family doctors in the booking system of the regional portal. In fact, on the site, citizens will find, in addition to booking in the hubs, also the booking from the general practitioner or pharmacy, at the same time the active call system by bands remains as has been the case since March “. News also in the distribution of vaccines to doctors of family, to which all available vaccines will be delivered: from 17 May to 1 June 2 ampoules of Pfizer per week will be distributed per doctor for frail subjects; from 17 May the possibility of vaccinating at their general practitioner will be open to those over 40 years old with AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson, otherwise you will have to wait for the band to open; from May 20, 20,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson will be delivered to family doctors for permitted bands; from June 1, Pfizer’s deliveries will be expanded and delivered increasing quantities of the new German-made m-Rna vaccine, Curevac. cie and general practitioners will start with the administration of the anti-Covid vaccine for the under 50 age group, reports the Lazio Crisis Unit through the Health Lazio social networks.

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