School, Sister Monia Alfieri: “Pon’s ban discriminates equals for requesting a surety”

The announcement of the National Operational Program, Pon, “discriminates against peer schools in requesting a bank guarantee for access to financing” from the European structural fund. To access the resources, they are required to present a specific bank guarantee or insurance policy for an amount equal to the portion of resources disbursed as an advance (30% of the total loan). Even if the “surety is a normal guarantee request when acting with public funds”, “it could discourage the peer institutions from participating, while the 5 Stars are at the gate …”. He talks about it with Adnkronos S uor Anna Monia Alfieri, champion of equality, who, recalling the imminent deadline of the call on 21 May, adds: “We have the right to say that we have been discriminated against but it is also the time to act to reduce the damage. Having said that, we present the projects and we aim at the restorations decree, which should leave the Chamber next week, to obtain help, ask for autonomy and freedom “. “The equal schools – continues Sister Anna Monia – expected that in the Sostegni decree, as in the Relaunch one, money would be invested to discount the tuition. But it did not happen. Sorry, but Draghi and Bianchi, as Europeanists, commit us to do count with a new paradigm, beyond the 22 euros per pupil of the support decree – notes the activist – Our inclusion in community pacts and for the first time in the Pon are important goals achieved. We now have the duty to avoid the educational catastrophe, fighting hard without allowing ourselves the luxury of fatigue. We use the three levers: pon, community pacts and partnership. We fight cash to avoid the closure of schools for the poor with the state, the regions, the municipalities … I understand the right to complain, but we must also act. Here – he concludes – it is the fault and merit of each of us. Each one will be responsible “. (by Roberta Lanzara)