Genoa, policeman stabbed on duty. The lawyer: “Aggressor will go unpunished”

He was engaged in a phone call, then he was attacked from behind and reached in the arm by the blade of a knife: the blow was aimed at the throat. The injury cost him 21 days of prognosis, only his promptness and the timely intervention of colleagues saved him. Thus began, as explains, the story involving a policeman from the mobile department in public order service in Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa, now on trial against his assailant and assisted by the lawyer Rachele De Stefanis. The man who inflicted the stab is a naturalized Italian North African, suffering from psychiatric problems: he yelled “I have to kill you” while attacking the agent from behind. “It is a moment of great despair for the police, even in the face of the latest Roman events. The situation was no different here in Genoa “thus warns the lawyer of the policeman, in reference to the investigation for culpable excess recorded in Rome against the agent who exploded during the attack of a Ghanaian at Termini station a shot at the latter’s address to defend himself. “The hearing took place following the direct trial to which the young man was taken. In the face of the first events that occurred in the immediacy of the arrest that had been validated and house arrest was granted, we know that a Tso was ordered at the request of the doctor who was treating this young man for alleged psychiatric problems “- explained De Stefanis, who continued- “In all likelihood in the face of the psychiatric report that was ordered at the hearing, if the outcome is positive it will be yet another slap in the face of the police. My client still has a prognosis of 21 days which has been certified by the emergency room to which he addressed, and on the other hand this character will go unpunished. Our law allows it. We are sorry if he is suffering from this disorder, but we wonder why he was not subjected to treatment or other measures as he can be considered a socially dangerous person. For the umpteenth time the police are losing. ”The lawyer then specified that the hearing was postponed and updated to July 22, 2021, the date on which the psychiatric report will be discussed.

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