Zan: “From the Vatican a straight leg intervention on Parliament”

On the Zan ddl that bears his name, “I did not expect the intervention of the Vatican which appears unprecedented. It is not an initiative to express a moral or theological position on the part of the Church that has always expressed itself through the CEI, here it is the diplomatic route is used and leverages on the Concordat. I find it a straight-legged intervention on the Parliament. ”This was told by the parliamentarian Alessandro Zan of the Democratic Party and first signatory of the decree against homophobia hosted by ‘Timeline’. “It was an interference with a secular state – he concluded – I believe that parliament must continue its own path without being conditioned.” “The word gender identity in the law is inserted to combat violence and discrimination”, keep it going. “I remember that Italy is the country with the highest number of murders of transsexuals in all of Europe – underlined Zan – we are doing pretty badly and we need to intervene with a law that protects the most vulnerable victims”.

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