Vaccini Italia, less doses in July but the plan does not change

The difference between the June and July deliveries of Covid vaccines will be 0.8 million doses, or about 5%, in percentage terms. In the third quarter of the year, July, August and September, the forecasts relating to messenger RNA vaccines are absolutely consistent with the objective of the plan, which provides, at national level, the vaccination by the end of September of 80% of the population of people who can undergo vaccination. This is what the commissarial structure for the coronavirus emergency led by General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo reports in response to fears about supplies for next month. There are about 13.2 million doses of Pfizer usable in June, to which 2.1 million of Moderna will be added in the same period, for a monthly total of messenger RNA vaccines equal to 15.3 million. For the month of July, again with reference to Pfizer and Moderna, the availability of approximately 14.5 million doses is expected, respectively 12.1 million Pfizer and 2.4 of Moderna, which will also ensure heterologous vaccinations. , for the under 60s who have had the AstraZeneca vaccine as their first dose, the coronavirus emergency commissioner structure informs.

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