The sixth edition of the ‘Premio Cristiana Matano’ will be presented tomorrow

The sixth edition of “Lampedus’amore”, the international journalistic award named after the journalist Cristiana Matano, who died prematurely in 2015, will be presented tomorrow, at 11 am, at Villa Niscemi in Palermo. They will speak with the president of the “Occhiblu” Association Filippo Mulè and the journalist Adnkronos Elvira Terranova, the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, the president of the Order of Journalists of Sicily Giulio Francese, the secretary of Assostampa Sicilia Roberto Ginex, the sociologist Giorgia Butera, the director Ugo Bentivegna, the actress- singer Laura Mollica and some representatives of the sponsors. During the press conference, the program of the 2021 edition will be announced. Lampedus’Amore – Cristiana Matano international journalistic award is conceived and directed by Filippo Mulè, president of the Occhiblu Onlus Association, with the patronage of the Sicilian Region (Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment), Municipalities of Lampedusa and Palermo, Coni, National and Sicilian Order of Journalists, National Press Federation, Assostampa Sicily and Palermo, Ussi, under the High Patronage of the European Parliament.

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