Delta variant, in Italy it scares 6 out of 10 people

The variants of Covid scare six out of ten Italians. This is what emerges from an Emg-Different survey for Adnkronos. When asked “Italy almost all white, are you afraid that the variants will make us go back?”, 62% answered yes, 29% no and 9% preferred not to answer. Among those who fear that the variants of the virus may have effects on the return to normal, 65% are men and 59% women. Those over 55 (74%) are most worried, followed at a distance by those in the 35-54 age group (60%) and those under 34 (54%). As for the territorial distinction, in the South there are the most optimistic Italians: in the Islands the percentage of those who are afraid that the variants could make us take a step back in the fight against covid stands at 70%, in the North West at 69%, at North East 60%, Central 58%, South 53%. The survey, representative of the Italian population of age by sex, age, region, class of demographic amplitude of the municipalities, was carried out on 21 June 2021 with the method of telematic survey on panel, on a sample of 1,498 cases (universe: Italian adult population) and has a positive / negative confidence interval of 2.3%. Total contacts: 2,000, 75% response rate; waste / replacements 502 (waste rate 25%).

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