Mugello, the story of the carabiniere who saved Nicola

“Today we wanted to find him. I was on leave in Puglia, I came back on purpose just to look for him. While we were busy with our research, the journalist who was with us heard a lament. The Commander of the Scarperia station, Danilo Ciccarelli, dropped to 25 meters deep along a complex escarpment, it was there that he saw the baby’s eyes and saved him “. Major Michele Arturo, commander of the Borgo San Lorenzo carabinieri company, tells the Adnkronos, who saved little Nicola, who disappeared in Mugello in the night between Monday and Tuesday. “When he saw the commander he called him ‘Mom’ – he continues – he was happiness in person. We are all excited, happy, and the baby is in good condition”. (by Silvia Mancinelli) Read also

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