Covid, Galli: “Mask as precious as a helmet”

“The mask is not so different from the helmet, it has given us a precious contribution”. Professor Massimo Galli, head of infectious diseases in the Sacco di Milano, expresses himself in Cartabianca. From June 28, the obligation to always wear the mask outdoors disappears. “What has been decided by the government makes sense, but the resulting signal for the Italians is senseless. What is the mask? A protective tool, not a fetish or a gag. The mask is not so different from the helmet , he gave us a precious contribution. Also thanks to the mask we spent a season without flu and without colds: the device works and works a lot. I agree with the CTS, who says to bring the mask with you and to use it in conditions of assembly “, says Galli. The professor hopes that the Draghi government can continue its work to combat the covid emergency. “We must hope that the situation holds and that the government and the premier also hold. As far as I am concerned, this is a hope even if I throw a few digs at him, because I believe that on the Covid issue I fear he had some excessive conditioning. Then he was able to recover. let’s put it this way. Conditioned by whom? By those who forget the basic needs of the people and the nation for 4 more votes “, he says. How will summer be? “From the point of view of risks, with all due respect to the delta variant, we should be in better shape than last year. We have the hard core of vaccinations and this bodes well for September as well. I hope a summer that is not a reshuffle. of cards without rules. Do they want to reopen the discos? Well, they do it with very specific rules and it can be done. I hope to be able to say that we will not have an autumn like the previous one. It wasn’t difficult to foresee an autumn like last year ” .

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