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Covid today Italy, da Costa bulletin revision hypothesis: reactions


Covid in Italy, “it is appropriate to arrive at a bulletin also with an in-depth analysis of the data”. The proposal comes from Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, guest of Adnkronos Live, talking about the daily report on Coronavirus infections. It is necessary “to clearly state how many positives are vaccinated, how many are not vaccinated and how many doses they have received”. “This is how the transparency operation is carried out, I think the conditions are in place to arrive at two Covid bulletins a week” he adds. A proposal that has sparked different reactions. CARUSO “Continuing to count Covid positive people every day”, as if nothing had changed since the beginning of the pandemic, “is not right and risks confusing, terrorizing and affecting the population in addition to what this disease has already done” he declares in an interview with Adnkronos Salute the president of the Italian Society of Virology (Siv-Isv), Arnaldo Caruso. The bulletin needs to be changed, he says, “focusing attention on hospitalizations. That is, indicating only those ‘for Covid’ and not those ‘with Covid'”, and “trying to understand who are the patients who end up in hospital” despite the increase of the vaccinated population and the increasing prevalence of Omicron. Variant now known to be much more transmissible, recalls the expert, but less able to cause a serious pathology at least in people with an efficient immune system. “According to a study conducted on 6 hospitals – highlights the specialist, full professor of Microbiology and Microbiology clinic at the University of Brescia, director of the laboratory of microbiology of the Asst Spedali Civili – in almost 30% of those hospitalized with Omicron the Sars-CoV-2 infection is seen by chance, on patients hospitalized due to other diseases. This confirms that Omicron is less pathogenic than Delta, as we already knew, so much so that it is often identified by chance. Yet today these cases are ‘bulleted’ as positivity and Covid hospitalizations “. According to Caruso, however, in a population with high percentages of vaccinated people and in a context in which “the new coronavirus pandemic increasingly assumes the characteristics of a flu-like endemic”, we should “begin to think about not communicating the number of positives, but exclusively the data of hospitalizations really dependent on Covid-19 “.PREGLIASCO” In this still expansive phase of the epidemic, eliminating the daily bulletin would be a signal of free everyone while daily communication has the effect of remembering the situation in which we are, “virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the University of Milan, tells Adnkronos Salute.” The data as they are communicated – admits the expert – are a bit rough and do not take into account the various distinctions, that is to say that 34% of hospitalized people are also positive for Covid, but in quiet conditions and therefore the data should be better articulated. Then it is not only the data itself – underlines the virologist – but also and as it is told, it is clear that if it becomes the first news of the Tg, told with emphasis “it can have an” anxiogenic effect “. “We are in a phase of transition so I would change once the peak is exceeded, with a communication perhaps made in a less coarse way if possible”. Or as Bassetti says, no longer counting among Covid patients those who go to the hospital because they break a leg and test positive for the swab? “Yes, but without losing sight of the contagiousness problem – warns the virologist – otherwise we will go back to the habits of the past”. 60% of the sequences, it is clear that after this winter we will have other undulations, but they will fall into an endemic dimension such as the flu. So – he concludes – it is right to plan a way for the future “. BREAK” It’s like breaking the thermometer when we have fever. Monitoring of daily infections is a guide “. Lucia Bisceglia, president of the Italian Association of epidemiology AIE would keep the daily count of new cases, hospitalizations and Covid deaths. And she explains why in an interview with ‘Corriere della sera’. The bulletin released every day is “the thermometer of the situation, because the hospitalized and deaths are proportionate to the positives. So having constant and timely information every day puts us in a position to intercept the warning signals in the bud. They are information on the basis of which to draw. forecasts and building horizons “, says the expert.” We can discuss the methods of communication that are adopted in a similar way by many countries – he reflects – Making all the numbers known gives the public the feeling that nothing is hidden. however, it is important that the daily data continue to be made available, regardless of the publication of the bulletin for the public “. which can help govern the pandemic It is clear that a different phase will require str different documents such as for example for the monitoring of the flu epidemic which, through a network of sentinel doctors, is based on the detection of cases of disease collected by the Higher Institute of Health: the symptoms are taken into account and at the same time the surveillance on the circulation of viruses “.



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