Afghanistan, ‘Aquila’ operation concluded for the return of Afghan collaborators, Italian mission Herat

The flag in Herat was lowered on 9 June last, putting an end to the Italian mission in Afghanistan. And at the Fiumicino airport, Adnkronos learns, the ‘Aquila’ operation for the transfer of Afghan collaborators and family members to Italy ended during the night, with a total of 228 people arriving at Fiumicino airport. Operation included in the broader return operation of the Italian contingent from Afghanistan, planned and conducted by the Joint Forces Operational Command (Coi), commanded by Army Corps General Luciano Portolano and in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Italian Red Cross and Rome Airports Adr. In the past week, the arrivals of the groups of interpreters and their families were: Monday 14 June the first 82 civil collaborators (19 families), Wednesday 16 another 64 collaborators (14 families) and today Saturday 19 June 78 collaborators (17 families) family members). With the latest arrivals this first phase concerning the 228 is completed, whose collaboration has been fully verified by the Italian military authorities. The last 4 interpreters of this first phase are expected to be transferred with the units of the Folgore Brigade at the conclusion of the contingent’s return operations. Then it will be the turn of the other Afghans, as the verification has been carried out. The Coi planned the entire operation, coordinating with the Farnesina and the Interior Ministry, then entrusting it to the management by the staff of the Joint Headquarters (JHQ), the promptly deployable command of the same Coi. The logistic part of the arrivals was managed by the staff of the Jhq del Coi, the Italian Red Cross and Aeroporti di Roma Adr. Some of the Afghans who arrived tested positive for Covid-19 and therefore placed in isolation at the Army Sports Center of Cecchignola, the covid hotel and the military structure of the Army of Camigliatello Sitano. The other non-positive Afghans were hosted at the military facilities of Camigliatello Silano of the Navy and of Roccaraso of the Army.

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