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No Vax, De Luca: “We needed drastic measures”


“We allowed ourselves the luxury of wasting 2 months of precious time running after the no vax, to engage thousands of law enforcement officers, to control the marches that have developed for months on weekends. We should have committed a week. time to talk to those who did not get vaccinated for reasons of worry and fear, but after the week we would have had to take drastic measures against no vax. We did not and we did not take preventive measures to avoid the spread of the infection . And so we have come to today “. Thus the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, during a direct Facebook. Read also “The national government went on like this: for 2-3 months we comforted ourselves by telling ourselves that we were the best country in Europe, and to some extent it was true. But since we are Italian and we do not have the propensity to be prudent and to prevention – added De Luca – we have burnt the advantage we had compared to other European countries. Some of us, myself in particular, had foreseen and told this thing two months ago, you didn’t have to be a scientist to understand that we would have arrived, if we remained immobile, exactly in the situation of France and Great Britain. No country can be armored today and above all no one can guarantee its own safety if it does nothing. We have essentially done nothing “.” We are called to carry out acts of great responsibility as citizens. This Government does not have the political strength to make serious decisions, because within it there is a component which is the League which is co ntraria to clear measures and true contrast to Covid. I read in the newspapers that in yesterday’s meeting of the Government even the Five Stars spoke out against the obligation to vaccinate at least for some groups of the Italian population “, De Luca affirms.” It is useless to expect clear prevention measures from this Government, that is, measures that serve in time to reduce the spread of the infection. In Italy, unfortunately, we always have to wait for the contagion to explode to decide to make decisions that we should have taken two months earlier “, added De Luca. As for the school,” we need to start thinking seriously about the reopening of the school year. I hope that in the next few days it will be possible to make a calm and responsible reasoning “. And then he suggests” using a month to expand the vaccination area for younger children as much as possible, perhaps to arrive at the end of January and reopen schools in conditions of greater safety “. De Luca highlighted, in the course of a live Facebook, that” the bulk of the contagion today concerns the 0-16 age group. Do we believe – asked De Luca – that we can proceed with the opening of the school year on January 10 in conditions of health and psychological tranquility for families? I am well aware that it is a very delicate issue. We have worked in recent months to not close schools, it is a part of the small miracle we have done in Campania, but think that a mother or a father, if there is a positive child in a class, even if there is no Will distance learning send their child to school? Let’s think about it, we have a few days to spare. It would seem more reasonable to me to use a month to expand the vaccination area for younger children as much as possible, perhaps to arrive at the end of January and reopen schools in conditions of greater safety. I will not go further, I will limit myself to pointing out this fact: the bulk of the contagion flows today come from that lower age group, and the opening of the school year is scheduled for 10 January. I think it is worth reflecting without ideologies, knowing that the closure of schools is a very delicate issue, but knowing that we have a priority issue which is the protection of the health of our children “.” If we lose the sense of responsibility, between 15 and on January 20 we will be forced to lick our wounds. It is not time to make partys, let’s try to celebrate the new year with the family, in a quiet way “, he then affirmed.” If someone thinks they are smart and have a New Year’s Eve in secret, if some club manager thinks to do the clever one by presenting the party as a hyper controlled thing and then doing dances and counter dances – added De Luca – we must know that 15 days later we will pay for the acts of irresponsibility. The forecast that is made at the national level is this: by mid-January we will have 6 thousand hospitalizations for the 7 million unvaccinated citizens and we will have 6 thousand hospitalizations for the other 50 million vaccinated citizens. It means that we must expect another peak of contagion between 15 and 20 January, and this risks really putting the hospital system in our country in crisis. The situation will be all the more complicated the more widespread the behavior of irresponsibility and loss of measure. We can only appeal to fathers and mothers of families to protect children and the elderly and to be prudent. But let’s not forget, even for a moment, that we are in this situation “.



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